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Find a community of meditators

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

There are many resources to help you connect to a community of meditators. In some areas, it may be more difficult; in which case, there are tons of online resources!

One way to get connected is by going to the national websites for meditation organization. For example, The Transcendental Meditation Organization website has lots of information on how to get started with that type of meditation and how to get connected to either an in-person or online community. It’s is also a reliable resource, because the people you will be in contact with are certified in their practice.

If you are looking for group meditation, my first recommendation is to search “meditation classes near me” on the web. Group classes are a great way to be professionally introduced to meditation and learn the right way to meditate. Classes may help you learn more than just your typical focused meditation. Some teach you multiple ways to meditate and you can from fellow students. Another way to find a group class is to contact local medical and wellness centers. Many of these offer classes. If you live in the Cleveland area, the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospital, and some Veteran Affairs hospitals offer classes. There are also meditation centers such as the Dean Williams’ Crooked River Zen Center.


Different places will teach different types of meditation, so if what they are teaching doesn’t resonate with you, try another place! Every place is different. Also, anyone can teach meditation, so make sure you check the teacher’s credentials. It’s important that your teacher be certified.



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